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My intentions are to continue the transformation of precedents and provide value to the culture of its place while responding to the epoch's sustainable needs.

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One Year Stronger

     Let me begin by apologizing first to my father who has worked extremely hard to get me this far during my successes and failures. Second, to Dr. Ethel Goodstein who has taken me under her wings to nurture my dreams and deepest educational desires. Third, to the spirit of Fay Jones School of Architecture for disturbing my fellow colleagues. It was never my intention to cause chaos within the Field House as I myself am in a temporary home. I want to specifically thank Chancellor Gearhart for allowing students like I to pursue a higher degree of education regardless of my status.

     There were many factors that led me to compose that particular tweet that was intentionally take out of context to destroy the image i had developed over the years at the University of Arkansas. If you follow the tweets carefully you would find Moses (The Apostle on Campus by Law) to be the ally of North Korea, I was the hero updating my fellow private followers in a digital realm. The story itself is a composed opposite theory in response to CNN’s report on “Is North Korea testing its missiles, or testing the U.S.” (Evidence on Google +) I had been following CNN’s story closely since January when the United States of America sent military equipment to protect our troops. My biggest paranoia and fear was North Korea going to war with the United States.

     One of the biggest factors was my self-medicating substance of cannabis that exaggerated the situation and dissociated my reaction towards Moses and North Korea. As the struggles got heavier I began to abuse the substance, which distressed my own perception. According to clinical findings under cannabis intoxication “the perception of time is altered and hearing and vision distorted. The subjective effects… often include dissociative reactions, impaired functioning occurs in a variety of cognitive and performance task, including memory, reaction time, concept formation, learning, perception, motor coordination, attention and signal detection.”*

     I am finally an undergraduate of the most prestigious campus in Arkansas and around the Nation. The tweet was meant to be stupidly cynical against Moses to release the anger after I had consistently informed my colleagues, professors, staff and UAPD about my computer being hacked and not allowing me to connect to UA Secure. People make stupid assumptions and comments all the time such as “someone just shoot me” (no sexual pun intended) doesn’t necessarily mean someone will literally shoot them. It was a way to exercise my freedom of speech. There was nothing done or any communication stated to pay attention to my issue. I was unjustly dropped from Comp Studio and cornered to sign up to graduate even before the twitter incident. I understand how that one particular tweet taken out context alarmed my fellow colleagues, as the entire story itself is violent outside of its digital form. Furthermore with the media exposing events of student attacks made the tweet provocative and vulnerable. However how can I be accused of physical abuse inflicting or bodily harm and other things I am being accused of when there was no weapon or any type of objet that can lead to harm anyone? All there is are words on the Internet that expresses my frustration/ anger and nothing more.

     I’ve been around my tools long enough to notice when they are serving my purpose or slowing my process of production. I want you to also understand my disappointment with UAPD and members who to action to resolve my issue but instead made it worst by criminally trespassing my arrest then issuing a criminal trespass against me if I were to step into campus, doesn’t it all sound familiar here at home? Now its all the same thing all over again in a different year, same time zone, but different location and different folks — my parents, brothers and sisters!

     Last and most importantly I would like to apologize to AIAS, Phi Iota Alpha, and LGBT Community who’ve looked up to me as a leader in their organizations. It is humiliating, embarrassing and of bad taste. My actions will always speak louder than my written words.

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Here is Jennifer Lopez allowing C Guzman Arch to adjust the lyrics as you see fit


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This watchtower by AART Architects is an A+ finalist, vote here!


This watchtower by AART Architects is an A+ finalist, vote here!

A Natural State of Mind

     1. In my 24 years of life I never realized the difference I would make in every individual as I made a difference as an indivisible. We all have the power to change, we make believe. Thirst the word as much as you crave the food. We are in our own cell no matter where we go. We change the rules as we see fit. Understanding the basics lead us to enlightment. Abroad and home are two perspectives that run parallel to each other. One may not conceive the difference, in time One may all come to All. Light never exceeds nature in space. Each sentence can stand on its own not competing one with the other. Translation is only understood in its own written language for it loses flavor in search for meaning.

     2. As you read you may ponder where is the point A point in space as a dot of earth in the Universe. The rules of grammar hath been understood*, as well as broken and creative writing hath taken its toll; running thoughts as running water — each fighting or collecting its own meaning racing with its own band wagon (a lot of jargon to be freed and liberated) Connecting the soul with the spirit; landscaping home and the Universe. Analyzing and critically thinking is essential but each mind his or her own. Take as you will, will as you take. This may not make sense but we will all understand one day. The vocabulary is simple until it expands to the fullest extent.

     3. You may stop reading now as my mind solemnly hurts as I write these words that have been trapped in my mind. I may not understand but who cares now days writing on a piece of scrap paper* with which this exert came to be, bare minimum including the pencils’ materiality between the flesh of my fingers. I have nothing to refer to but my previous way. Leave me now or continue this writious journey for it only gets darker as we leave our knowings. Followed the path that was created for me or follow your own — you may stumble and fall but never leave your own. This will surely create rumors but its not as pleasurable to see ideas spread.

    1. I wrote this after ten days and ten nights of silencE taken all at once in less than an hour. Think as you will and will as you speak. Everything gets harder the more that I swallow, the more that I swallow the harder the heal for my soars. Read carefully. Its 3:30am and its a fight between I, You and We. Staying sober after the Fayetteville Rush Life has definitely been a challenge in its self, it is not easy coming down after five years of classical training — afterall its been a Wild Hog Experience here at home. There’s no time to rest when the entire world depends on immigration to move about resources that we share everyday. Correct me if I am wrong, pick me up if I fail… do not however tell me how to run my life for I’ve already stated the above and below and everything in between these lines. There’s no need for apologies neither expenses for pityness. High your ground beyond the milkyways. These waves reach further than our own understandings.

     2. Leave your comments in a box unless it is constructive leave emotions at home for I am forgiving in nature. Challenge my scholarship do not however race with my charger for I will always take flight before you lock my doors shut. The secret hath already been told it is no longer a secret don’t wonder why or how , just do like the greek gods high above the roman stouts, atheneans survived. Stay in your position as you were raised, absorb water, form the soil that has been fertile for our trunks to grow. Let ourselfs branch out and reach gravity as it raises to our bushes, it’s all a figure of speech. A million doors have open. It refers back to previous subjects, in this case trees that oxinate leaves that shall bear fruit. Be willing to read as I am willing to share . Support marriage as we gap the ending to racism and homophobia, which still haunts us in our very own frontyard.

     3. Hatred has been fed to every humanity due to our sinful nature. Refer back to the book of Mormons. Synthesizing is my hobby like the hobbit looking his ring. I am in nature as the monkeys who met Caveman on 5th St. We create and imagine as we wish, neither is to be upheld for a golden ring except for I and US. We staple stacks and trap voices that travel. Remember ambient light is not faster than the speed of static sound. Our voices will always sing. Conservatives will fight our own traditions but little do we know we’ve gotten caught up in our own rhythm of New Orleans bloom*. We are a broken record to our own hearts. They’ve used us for our own free will, its time to free ourselves from our own will.

    1980. Its like a three way call but deny us when we ask for our husbands. You know our voice, Do you? Inop. Whom do we speak and write for… are we afraid to lose hope? As if we’re properties to be owned! First class as ya’ll horseback rode or did you forget? The New Digital Era has brought us to consciousness for an entire mass of people, blessed are those who continue to read not so we might get it but understand the forces and differences in our home state.  The idea of answering prayers dates back to ancient times which is a book in a shelf I wish I read at least at a million times. Perfection is not a disease but a solution to the worlds’ need. I won’t deny, it kept me alive, sufficient enough to keep my calories in order. Please take your time and read back as for my freedom runs with justice and liberty upfront. I will contineu to write until I run out of breath* I have enough to wipe my own tears. Mind the sounds for gas should be free of charge, in Theory**. I only used 1/8 of lead and 2/3 of issues, its time to ride.

     2014. Its now 6am and the water seams to be clear. There’s nothing left but letters I’m waiting to receive and my family to walk me down the isle. By the time you are reading this 10 days and 10 nights may have come to light.There’s nothing like hot tea on a cloudy rainy night. International Relations is tricky while community colleges lend themselves to corporations. Now Mr. Futures are working on their home wifey soon to be husby. We hld on to this cell for too long, secret thoughts of a misinterpreted young handsome man who dreams of a perfect wedding at the perfect place at the perfect time. WHo would of thought  mocking could get a Bee and World Z killed for a crime they didn’t commit. WHo would of thought the radio and channel stations would come calling. IF they placed hatred as a first call you best believe its your own fault. I am reading and writing the past future and present^914. These fake voices over my head have me hallucinating who your face could be. How time is always my favorite, I ponder if you could sing my song….

Shoutout to Jennifer Lopez and her new Single I Luh Ya Papi (ft. French Montana) Muah!! Te Quiero Mucho Papi!

P.S. Ask may not be in Order


A weekend getaway to the Saint James Paris was all but a dream… 


Chicago’s landmark The Rookery. Designed and completed by Burnham & Root in 1888, the lobby was remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905. 


Chicago’s landmark The Rookery. Designed and completed by Burnham & Root in 1888, the lobby was remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905. 

(via designsbyfranklloydwright)


Check out this collection of photos from Town & Country Magazine that fuse spring 2013 fashion collections with the iconic desert architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. 


Check out this collection of photos from Town & Country Magazine that fuse spring 2013 fashion collections with the iconic desert architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. 

(via designsbyfranklloydwright)